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Hundred Palms Residences

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  • Swimming Pools

    The Hundred Palms Residences is built to provide the most comfortable and luxurious experience to its residents. So, if you are living at the Hundred Palms Residences you will be able to enjoy their big swimming pool which is available to all the residents. This big swimming pool area will have different swimming pools for the people of different age groups like a smaller pool for the kids and a much deeper and bigger one for the adults. 

    It will also have the facility of the swimming instructors for all the residents. If you do not want to go to a pool outside in the society then they also have 50m lap pools available on the executive condos. You have your own private pool inside your condo that you can enjoy with your friends and family. The executive condos are costlier than the normal ones but have many extra facilities.

  • Gymnasium

    For the fitness enthusiasts out there, there is the facility of a gym also available in the Hundred Palms Residencies. The Gyms are fully equipped and maintained. They are opened for all the residents. You can go and workout at your own times and the fitness instructor will help you get in shape. If going to the gym outside your house is not something you prefer then they also have the facilities of the indoor gyms. 

    Work out before or after dinner, in the morning or the night, it’s all up to you. The indoor gyms do not have as many equipment but are suitable for one person’s full body workout. You can choose from cardio to weight training to yoga as per your mood.

  • Function Rooms

    If you like to host big parties with a huge guest list that can not fit your condo then you do not have to look for a venue far away. The Hundred Palms Residences has a function room that can hold big parties and functions from birthday or family gathering. You do not have to rush to the hotels and can easily host the parties at your own home. Space is totally free of cost and can be used by anybody. There are many function rooms available in the residence so that all the people can access them. The function rooms are totally air-conditioned and provide catering facilities as per need.

  • Parks

    There is greenery surrounding the whole place so that the residents feel fresh all the times while living in their homes. The parks have special spaces for the kids to play and enjoy. There are swings and other playground features for the kids. The adults can also go sit in the parks and enjoy their times while taking in the greenery of the surrounding areas.


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